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Screenshots of maps I am making for Half Life

Dragonball Z Tenkaichi Budokai Stadium Map

This map is of the fighting arena from the popular anime series Dragonball Z. This map has no weapons and to get most places requires flying. I advise downloading a mod such as Battle of the Millenium or something like that to play it with.
This is the final version of the map unless I find something REALLY wrong with it and have to change it. Please send your feedback using the e-mail link on the homepage. Thank You :-)

Compile Time = 5 Hours 50 Minutes

Deathmatch Version - In this version you can go anywhere on the map, except inside the building, and there are no killing floors.

Tournament Version - In this version you can only go out as far as the stands all the way around the main platform before you are stopped. Also touching any ground outside the platform will result in a kill. This is accurate to the rules of the tournament (touching the ground outside the platform is a loss).

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Click Here To Download The Deathmatch Version

Click Here To Download The Tournament Version

(Note - I take no responsibility for any damage these files cause to your system (I have virus scanned them, and I have a virus guard, but you never know so I am writing this to be safe))