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DBQ Features

This is a (hopefully) reasonably accurate list of the features DBQ will have in its releases.

Release 1

Worlds Strongest Mode - This is a mode in which your characters stats are saved after each game you play so the next time you play you can resume building that character. (Formaly known as the 'RPG' mode). It will include the following modes :-

                    Deathmatch Mode
                    Team Deathmatch Mode
                    Summon The Dragon Mode
                    Tenkaichi Boudokai Mode

Character Creation System Including - Mixing and matching of model parts (depending on race), Mixing and matching of skins (depending on race and character).

20-25 Characters - Click this for a list

10-15 Maps (I think?)

A Melee System (resembling Oni's) Including - Arial Raves, Physical Blocking, Ki Shield Blocking, Batting Away of Ki Attacks, Stuns.

Ki Attacks Including - Normal Ki Bolts, Beams, Huge balls (Genki Dama, Death Ball etc), Homing Ki Balls.

Beams that Bend

Permenant Landscape Damage

Power Struggles

Max Power Level of 50,000,000

Max Level of 99

6 Races - Human, Saiyan, Namek, Icer, Alien, Android, each with their own advantages and disadvantages.

Kaio Ken - Set in DBQ as a Human Ability

Super Saiyan 1, 2 and 3 - The Saiyan Races ability. All saiyans can transform to SSJ 1, 2 and 3.

Icer Transformations - All Icers can transform through 3 different stages (possibly 4). This works in the same way as SSJ except it will require a chunk of health to transform.

Ability to Hide Your Power Level

Ability to Power Up


Many Special Effects Including - Cool looking auras and ki trails, Screaming while powering up, Lightning on high level auras, Bits of ground floating etc when powering up.

Items Including - Scouters, Senzu Beans, Armor.


Instantanious Movement

Ability to Charge Ki Attacks for up to 10 Seconds

Ki Boost System


Cool Music - There was also talk of a system whereby you can play custom music while you play.

9 Usable Attacks out of a Total of 15 that can be set to your Character.

Later Release (These are only POSSABILITIES. They are BY NO MEANS definate features)

Split Form

Piccolo's Stretchy Arm Attack

Fusion (with a twist) - It is unknown what this 'twist' will be at this time.